Women in Time

posted January 23rd 2023

In Recorded Time and Other Stories, two themes are clear immediately upon listening to them: time, and women's place in it. Each of the stories in this anthology present us with a various 'strong' woman and a plot that hinges, to some degree, on playing with time. Two of the stories are set in the past, and two in the future, but what most struck me was how the women were presented in each. Despite being anne boleyn soooo grumpy and bad queen lady mean and bad Women Superiority girl power dies third one? idk generic innit captain lady not only grumpy and mean but northern lol

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Episode List
Main Range 150a. Recorded Time and Other Stories: Recorded Time
Main Range 150b. Recorded Time and Other Stories: Paradoxicide
Main Range 150c. Recorded Time and Other Stories: A Most Excellent Match
Main Range 150d. Recorded Time and Other Stories: Question Marks