about me!

i like big finish :)


My name is Lucy and I have been listening to Big Finish since 2014 or so. My first foray into the Big Finish world was the Lucie Miller audios when they were being aired on 4 extra and To The Death wrecked me so hard that I was hooked for all eternity.

To put it another way: when I got my student loan, I distinctly remember thinking to myself, great! now I can use this to buy Big Finish! instead of great! now I can go and get smashed! like any normal student...

I've been watching Doctor Who since 2005 and I've watched both new and classic Who more times than I can count. I've also listened to far more Big Finish than my bank account would really like, and I've dabbled in the books and comics too. Safe to say, it is a topic people know better than to bring up around me because I will not shut up about it.

Hence, I have started a blog! Here I intend to combine my twin passions of thinking way too hard about things and audio drama by writing essays for fun on various things I think about when I'm listening to BF, and more importantly, opinions that I've seen in passing that I disagree with but have been unwilling to have a pointless internet argument over. As my longest-suffering friends know, I have a lot to say. And obviously, because I'm saying it, I think I'm right.

It's a purely self-indulgent endeavour but if you have somehow stumbled across this and decide to read it, thank you and enjoy!

Also, I have been tracking my progress through the back catalogue of Big Finish and giving stories star ratings on the wonderfully comprehensive Tardis Guide and spreading all my obviously correct opinions through the forums - feel free to give me a follow here! :)